“Water Ballet”


Welcome to the art of Malindy Argyle. Spirited, emotional, with vibrant colours and fluid forms, her work is sensitive, bold, responsive and reflective.

Working in abstract, impressionist, fauvist and naturalist styles, her vision ranges across seas and landscapes, gardens and flowers, domestic interiors, and still life. To further explore her work please visit the Art Gallery on this website. 

Many of her paintings hang in public hospitals where they provide a welcome comfort and inspiration for patients, visitors and staff. These commissioned works are created specifically to uplift those who view them and complement the spaces they occupy. Examples of these and other commissions can be viewed here.

Enquiries from private individuals or organisations about commissioned works, sales, exhibitions, or any other art projects are welcome. Malindy is available for artist-in-residence positions, and is able to work throughout the UK and elsewhere. She is also an experienced art teacher and runs regular classes near her home on the Isle of Wight. 

Prints of any of Malindy's work can be made upon request.

To make an enquiry please go to Contact.

“Towards Tennyson Down”

“Brading Down 2”

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